She could be a farmer in those clothes.*

Can we please talk about the plaid shirt trend?

Who decided this was fashionable? Just what are we saying with this look? "I'm sleeping with a lumberjack and didn't want to do the walk of shame home in last night's dress so I thought I'd borrow his shirt?" Are we channeling Kurt Cobain? Because I loved the Seattle grunge band scene as much as every other angsty, misunderstood teen in the early 90's, but can't we just crank up the Pearl Jam on the iPod and call it a day?

Call me fashion simple, but I just don't get it. To add insult to injury, my beloved Anthropologie has jumped on this unfortunate bandwagon.

from our good friends at anthropologie.

this one too

Oh, the disappointment. Seriously Anthro? I expect more from you. (Please, please don't kick me out of the sisterhood for speaking against the almighty Anthropologie. They'll still get half my paycheck this week, I swear!)

So, what's the verdict? Plaid button down shirts - hot or not?

*10 points for anyone who caught the Clueless reference.

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